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Monday, October 21, 7pm, Unitarian Universalist Santa Fe, 107 W Barcelona Rd, Santa Fe

Charles Eisenstein will be speaking on "CLIMATE – THE LIVING EARTH PARADIGM" at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 7pm, on October 21.

"Even if we cut emissions to zero, if we continue to degrade the organs of Gaia – the forests, wetlands, soil, water, whales, fish – then the Earth will still die a death of a million cuts." In this gathering, Charles Eisenstein draws out the profound implications of the Living Planet paradigm. He will discuss the limits of carbon accountancy, offering a holistic alternative that vastly broadens the scope of urgency, action, and hope. Shall we participate in a living Earth or a dying Earth? "When we participate in a living Earth, miracles of healing are possible. For we too are an organ of Gaia."

~ Charles Eisenstein

Ticket price: self-determined at the door.